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Personality and job relationships. How to improve motivation and interaction of employees.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

01 What It Is About

This series of blogs is about human nature in general, more specifically how personality works to affect individuals, family, groups, and nations. This particular blog is how jobs and different personalities can affect each other.

I want to make psychology easier for those who have not already slaved over psych books. So I have used cartoons to represent key ideas. A review of these can be found in my web site  They are not the traditional jargon of past writers but the ideas are still there. I want this endeavor to be fun for me and you. Post comments or questions and I will review them. If you do not want them published please tell me so. The next post is the key to the key concepts. Remember, I will make it simple as it should be for adults and children.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

02 The Key to key ideas.

There it is, my key. Don't let it boggle your mind, I will explain it. Our lower nature is our inborn selfish or self centered instincts. Our upper nature is the inborn altruistic or help others, even sacrifice self for others, instincts. Natures ultimate goal is to preserve the species or life in general, so it is survival of the fittest group capable of carrying on life in general. It is not survival of the biggest bully, but survival of the group.

The upper nature is ran by Mr. Do. He is the upper part of the brain that runs our bodies. That is unless Dragon from the lower nature does not rush in from the survival mode. If we are in a dangerous situation the Survival mode is the instinct to save us. First we Freeze and assess the situation, next we will Flight or get out of harms way, if trapped we will Fight, lie, cheat, steal, or even kill to survive. If it is activated or let loose without real danger it can cause lots of unnecessary drama and pain to self and others. Dragon is aggressive and will try to take over. Remember Dragon is selfish.

A more involved explanation of the characters can be read in the by clicking on it in the side bar.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

03 Jobs and Personalities

This is a blog about how different job situations can interact with different personalities to create problems.  You can read the blog to read more about personalities.  So let go on with the jobs ideas.

Jobs have similar power struggles as the family. Any one can create a power struggle by feeling they are right and another should be treated unfairly because of their attitude or inabilities.

Faulty thinking is an inborn tendency to forgive our own short comings because we know why we performed less than acceptable. But the other persons short comings were on purpose or unacceptable because we do not understand then enough to influence them to change.

Also can be politics and greed climbing up the ladder. What ever the reason the power struggles is shown with triangles. There is a Perpetrator or person or group who is being unfair, for what ever reason, to a Victim, the person or group who feels they are unfair. There can be also Rescuer, a person or group who will try and make things fair again. With the family we usually look at the mother, father, and children. On the job it can be fellow workers, bosses, managers, and just about anyone and caused by individuals, groups, policies, or situational setups, you name it and it can be there.  This triangle must differ, lets say it is a mom and dad shop, and the third corner is not a kid but a grown male employee.  He better not be too close to mom, or dad to the secretary.  Now if none of them are related and it is boss, supervisor, and employee.  Well there should be a stronger bond between boss and supervisor than and other twosome.

Now if the triangle is a mom and pop shop and the employee is one of their kids, oh dear me, the problems that can arise.  Can a person be a loving parent and distance themselves from their kids enough to be a demanding boss without it causing lots of problems, resentments, and the ruin of the loving nurturing family unit?  Most fail to remain a happy family or a happy job site.

Eventually I plan to take different jobs and look at some of the inherent built in problems with those jobs. Like everybody else I am not totally predictable, my life is not totally predictable, and I may go in a different direction. Time will tell but I will try my best.  Right now I want to go over just personalities that can cause problems on the job, that is after MR Do and Dragon.

Next Post: the role of Mr. Do and Dragon